Company established

The company was formally established.

Steady-state growth

Focusing on the needs of core customers and responding positively, the company focuses on the layout of related businesses of Foxconn and its enterprises in the supply chain, providing precision machining and supporting product sales. The business scale is growing steadily, and the overall strength of the company is constantly improving.

Contract manufacturer Foxconn

Developed and produced precision metal structure parts for Foxconn, It has successively provided a variety of businesses, such as metal processing for iPad Mini, IO interface production for iPad and iPhone 5C, metal processing for iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus, volume button production for iPhone and iPad, etc. And gradually realize the mass production of precision metal structure parts.

Acquisition of Chunsheng Electronics, layout of game parts business

The company actively lays out the game parts business, and has developed a variety of precision parts products, including slide, TACT Switch, SD Card,  Joystick and so on. Now it has become a professional game parts manufacturer in China, and the game game business is growing rapidly.

Company restructuring

The company completed the transformation of the shareholding system.

Embrace 5G, take a stake in FSG, and become a qualified supplier of Customer A and Customer B

With the accelerated construction of 5G network, data center and other 'new infrastructure', the company seized the market development opportunity, began to provide optical communication related product solutions, and successfully became a qualified supplier of Customer A and Customer B. With a stake in FSG, the service ability of optical communication field will be further improved, and the optical communication business will become an important performance growth point of the company in the future.